“I started this company because I witnessed firsthand how client expectations were not being met by the larger, more expensive consulting firms. Projects were late, over budget or poorly executed. My goal was to deliver something better.”

—Scott Spyker, Founder and CEO

Transportation Management Systems Overview

Having an agile distribution network and a firm grasp on the dynamics of supply chain are vital to conquering volatility and proactively responding to it. The leaner your distribution network, the swifter it travels. Know the way forward. Invest in future demand. Optimize your Transportation Management Systems and transform your distribution network for the better. Keep your supply chain proactive. Not reactive. Keep it moving with the latest TMS technology from Scott Sheldon, LLC.

The Pain Point

Your distribution network is literally where the rubber meets the road. But you’re encountering more than your share of redundancy, and your overall transportation costs are still too high. Reducing cost is a primary concern among all business owners. But, historically, when a company seeks to implement new TMS, it’s been potentially disruptive to their entire operation. So it’s put on hold. Meanwhile, your Achilles Heel continues to smolder. You need a TMS solution that will afford you a higher level of analysis while promoting visibility and leaner operations.

Our Solution

Integrating TMS can disrupt the flow of your daily operations. Scott Sheldon’s team of Supply Chain Engineers have both the practical business sense as well as the technology experience to minimize disruption. Change isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary. We take the lead and determine potential for consolidation, managing all channels of your business with an emphasis on lean operations to get your TMS costs down. We’ll increase transportation productivity and simultaneously reduce your costs.

The Benefits
  • Scalable
  • Easy to implement
  • Ability to publish data and dashboards
  • Built in reports and visualizations
  • Intuitive scenario comparisons
  • Reduce Transportation costs
  • Determine potential for consolidation
  • Coordinate the best mode of transport and routes for all shipments

Get Lean. Stay swift. Partner with us.

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TMS promotes speed and efficiency

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How TMS fit into your Supply Chain Loop

A TMS typically functions through Enterprise Resource Planning as it relates to both the manufacturing and warehousing divisions of supply chain. TMS functions best when evaluating procurement, shipping, and recommending better transportation routes. These solutions are analyzed by key players within your organization for the most cost effective solution, then used to select the most cost effective transportation provider. Once the most cost effective provider is determined, TMS generates a digital load tendering ticket as well as a track and trace receipt which can be used later to support freight audit and payment – all the while connecting back to the QAD Cloud Based ERP for optimization.

Transformation of the distribution network is a long-term program that must be performed parallel to other strategic initiatives. With TMS you’ll see other improvements in your distribution network, sales and operations planning, process improvement and operational metrics.