General Overview

Discover the Prime Meridian in your Supply Chain

You understand your business and the fundamentals of Supply and Demand. Furthermore, you’ve weathered the straits of the global economy long enough to recognize that the Supply Chain does not flow from top to bottom, or from bottom to top. The Supply Chain is cyclical, and each link must be maintained, around the clock, by people adhering to a single shared directive. Collaboration between management and functional teams is critical for long-term success. Clear and formal communication between all critical functions of the business keeps your Supply Chain Loop in motion.

Our Philosophy

Every company has its own Supply Chain Loop to manage. When all systems are go, the “Loop” spins on its axis without a hitch.  Pinpointing your prime meridian is critical. Enter Scott Sheldon, LLC. For over a decade our team of Supply Chain Engineers have implemented successful Supply Chain Strategies for our partners. With a history of experience at all levels of business and technology, we’ve evolved into expert navigators of the Supply Chain. We’ll identify your prime meridian and keep your Supply Chain moving smoothly on it axis.

Consultants consult. Engineers do. Scott Sheldon does it all, at all levels of the Supply Chain. Fine tuning your operations from Demand to Fulfillment, our team has the know-how to determine your pain points and improve your bottom line. We’ll furnish you with the Atlas to navigate the straits of the global economy and ensure that everyone – at all levels of your organization – performs in sync.

“All of our employees have experience on the business side and the technology side. You have to have those two core capabilities to effectively deliver a Supply Chain solution to a customer.

—Scott Spyker, Founder and CEO

“Our key objective is to deliver quantifiable, measurable solutions that improve our customer’s bottom line.”

—Scott Spyker, Founder and CEO


We’re a tech firm who understands business at all levels, comprised of engineers who devise Supply Chain solutions. We’re the brains in the chain.

Cloud Based ERP

Your Atlas for navigating the Supply Chain is now in the Cloud. Through QAD Cloud ERP, Scott Sheldon partners with you to build an Effective Enterprise Planning Strategy where all your business processes are running at peak efficiency and are perfectly aligned to your company’s strategic goals. Keep your loop lean with certified QAD Cloud ERP strategic services courtesy of Scott Sheldon.

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Demand Management

The best way to measure an effective Supply Chain Strategy is to ensure your company capabilities are in alignment with market demand. Managing the dynamics of supply and demand is all about balance. Developing an effective Demand Management strategy is akin to pinpointing the prime meridian in your Supply Chain Loop.

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Distribution Resource Planning

The link in the Supply Chain Loop that sets the tone for everything that follows. From sourcing to fulfillment, there’s always potential to fine tune your operation even further. Finding the right DRP strategy for your organization will positively impact your bottom line. Ensure the right decisions are being made early in the flow between Demand and Fulfillment by partnering with Scott Sheldon’s team of seasoned Supply Chain Navigators.

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Warehouse Management Systems

With an understanding of WMS at the most fundamental/ground floor level, to engineering our very own time test SKU based Distribution Center sizing methodology, we bring real world industry experience [both on the business side and the technology side] to help manage the gears of your operation and the links in your chain. Consultants consult. Engineer do. Scott Sheldon’s team of Supply Chain Navigators can do it all.

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Transportation Management Systems

Your transportation costs are too high. It’s a major concern among executives and other key players within your organization. Thankfully our partners entrusted us early in our history to come up with a solution. Network Optimization with an emphasis on getting Lean is Scott sheldon’s Supply Chain Transportation solution for reducing outbound redundancy.

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