Squared by Scott Sheldon

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Our simple fixed fee, one-time investment, end-to-end solution.
It's the easiest way to better supply chain performance.

Get a no-fee analysis and margin improvement projection.

Margin increasing and customer satisfaction improvements that were once reserved for big box and big tech are now achievable by operations of practically any size or scale by blending well researched strategy, impeccable outcomes projections and the implementation of a proven software platform in a budget considerate flat rate package.


Squared by Scott Sheldon Steps

Data Assessment

Validation on Scope & Current State Environment

Review & Adjustment

Delivery of Fixed-Fee Offer

Curious to learn your company’s true revenue capacity?

Since 2004, Scott Sheldon has been driving bottom-line financial improvements for our clients by optimizing their supply chain operations. We offer a full range of supply chain capabilities and specialize in large-scale and complex projects. Our primary objective is to over-deliver against your expectations and build a long-term relationship based on value and trust.