Igloo Case Study

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Igloo Case Study

Project Background

Igloo Products Corporation contracted with Scott Sheldon to identify and implement improvements within their distribution and manufacturing operations.

After an initial one-week assessment, a project road map was developedcontaining projects grouped into 3 categories: quick hits, tactical, and strategic.

The Action

Scott Sheldon deployed our Warehouse Tune-up and Network Optimization Methodologies to gain quick hits in Igloo’s distribution operations, in line with their seasonal time line.

Quick hits included identifying basic operational metrics and implementing a scorecard, consolidating same-customer shipments to a single building, ensuring multi-pallet handling at all times, and workload balancing.

These methods yielded recommendations in the areas of facility layout changes, process and system improvements, operational metrics, and facility locations. Since Igloo has a seasonal business model, it was imperative to implement as many improvements as possible before the seasonal ramp-up started.


Projects that were implemented before season started delivered 75% of the total projected savings—well ahead of schedule and additional facility and system enhancements have been identified as “post-peak” improvements for 2010.