The Easiest Way to Better Supply Chain Performance

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Scott Sheldon is a global consulting, supply chain engineer firm, known for reducing enterprise risk, managing volatile input costs, optimizing inventory turnover, warehouse slotting through positioning and deployment, assessing manufacturing operations and converting to a more cellular approach.

Most recently, our scope of services extends to guiding our partners through the new frontier of cloud-based enterprise resource planning, automation, simulation, digital twins and artificial intelligence (ai).


Demand Planning

Control, collaborate, plan and forecast all activities in your global supply chain. The prime meridian of your entire enterprise.

Network Optimization

Optimize your supply chain network to reduce cost, improve service levels, eliminate complexities or plan for growth.

Supply Chain

Reducing supply chain risk and complexity has become increasingly critical as companies struggle with shorter customer lead times and demand variability.

Warehouse Management

Centralize tasks like tracking inventory levels, stock locations and obsolescence. Take stock and project trends.e.

Distribution Resource Planning

Minimize shortages. Cut costs for sourcing, hauling and holding inventory.


The leaner your distribution network, the swifter it travels.