Since 2004, Scott Sheldon has been improving our customers supply chain operations by integrating world class technologies into business operations.  We strive to over deliver against expectations and build long-term relationships built on trust and value.


Our Focus

Transforming supply chain operations from supplier sourcing through customer delivery.  We offer big-firm capabilities at small firm speed and flexibility.


Our Mission

To reduce the overall risk, cost, and complexity of your supply chain operations through strategic, business process, and technology solutions.


Our Experience

We have successfully worked across multiple industries with a variety of customer sizes.  Our consultants have many years of real-world industry experience.

"I started this company because I witnessed firsthand how client expectations were not being met by the larger, more expensive consulting firms. Projects were late, over budget or poorly executed.

My goal was to deliver something better"


Scott Spyker, Founder of Scott Sheldon, LLC

Demand Management

Control, collaborate, plan, and forecast all activities in your global supply chain. The prime meridian of your entire enterprise.

Network Optimization

Optimize your supply chain network to reduce cost, improve service levels, eliminate complexities, or plan for growth.

Distribution Resource Planning

Minimize shortages. Cut costs for sourcing, hauling, and holding inventory.

Warehouse Management

Centralize tasks like tracking inventory levels, stock locations, and obsolescence. Take stock and know what’s in store for your business.


The leaner your distribution network, the swifter it travels. Get lean. Stay swift. Partner with us.

Supply Chain

Tactical. Practical. Strategic. Sensible. Optimize your whole operation with Scott Sheldon’s team of Supply Chain Engineers.