“Driving Growth”

xpedx said: We need to update our warehouse operations and supporting software to be more competitive in our aggressive marketplace.
Scott Sheldon engineers said: We can do that.

Project background

xpedx partnered with Scott Sheldon on a WMS software selection to identify a best-of-breed package that would enable them to create a Tier 1 distribution model. xpedx selected RedPrairie’s WMS and Workforce Management packages. The top 25 distribution facilities within their network were identified for the phase one implementation project. Then, Scott Sheldon developed an aggressive implementation strategy.

The “ah-ha” moment

The “ah-ha” moment happened when we began to evaluate the divergent practices at their top warehouses. To be successful, xpedx needed to implement global business practices and a global template for system functionality.


Scott Sheldon and xpedx developed a global design for implementation at all sites. This included operational areas of improvement, system functionality and implementation processes. The design allowed enough flexibility for differing business requirements to be met, but ensured that the most efficient method was used within common business functions. This template results in shorter implementation windows per site. Plus, the ability to rapidly implement business change practices enables the implementation to yield more success.


xpedx reduced overall distribution costs by 5% and are on target to meet their strategic financial objectives. A three-team project structure enables the implementation of three facilities concurrently with no sacrifice to consistency, and keeps the project on time and in budget.

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