U.S. Toy Manufacturer*

Stepping it Up

Customer said: We need a new ERP system and we need to move fast. Can you help us with the evaluation and selection process so we can better assess vendor solutions?

The engineers at Scott Sheldon said: We can do that.

Project Background:

This toy company* is the largest manufacturer of preschool and toddler toys in the U.S. and the largest rotational molder of plastics worldwide. At the time, the toy giant was operating an antiqued system that had seen many modifications over the years and was no longer meeting supply chain needs.  This global leader in plastic and its parent company had established very aggressive growth targets and the inadequate system was an obstacle to that growth.

They planned to invest in a new ERP system but wanted to conduct a rigorous and well-informed search process. Their new system had to provide:

  • Better warehousing capabilities, including lot tracking and more efficient picking
  • More effective manufacturing planning and inventory control space
  • Improved inventory management
  • Advanced transportation management and trailer capacity planning capabilities
  • Better outbound transportation methods to customers

The “Ah Ha” moment:

Our team explained that because of our in-depth knowledge of the industry and the various vendor offerings, we could write relevant scripts for the vendors’ product demos and help them avoid “generic” sales discussions with the potential providers. We’d use their own business requirements and ask the vendors to demo very specific solutions that would guide the plastic powerhouse to the best solution more quickly.

The action:

We worked with the toy giant using a proven method for gathering business requirements that streamlines the evaluation and selection process. Once we gathered information from all the stakeholders, we were able to separate the truly critical factors—the “need to do”—from those less important—or “nice to do” —components. We helped their stakeholders agree on the most important and urgent business requirements.


Both the company and its parent company were pleased with the outcome of the initial engagement and asked the Scott Sheldon team to help negotiate the contract with the new provider. They needed the search process to happen quickly and it did, taking just 12 weeks from the first meeting to being ready for implementation. Their team chose the best solution for their supply chain needs and business objectives and met their implementation goals.

We Get It.

*Due to privacy disclosure we do not release the names of all customers.

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