The Healthcare Roller Coaster Part 2

Providers, Distributors and Manufacturers

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Let’s Begin Part Two of this Series by Looking into our Healthcare Crystal Ball at the Year 2034:

• Patients can print their medications (and other consumables) on demand. They receive electronic “pills” from the manufacturer that contain patient-specific formulas, dosages and concentrations.

• Generics are fondly remembered; along with the Betamax, 8-track tapes and the rotary telephone.

• Manufacturing plants have largely disappeared and given way to more localized “print centers”. These print centers serve a defined geographic area and focus on product lines that are manufactured (printed) in smaller lots and customized for patients, as well as high cost/low volume items.

• Just like patients do at home, providers can print needed inventory on a real-time basis. Providers primarily focus on printing surgical items that are specific to a patient’s needs. Consumable items are delivered JIT from a warehouse that supports all of the provider facilities in a geographic region.

• The classic distributor has morphed into a specialty services provider with offerings such as synthetic material management, bio- storage for organ “printing”, and business continuity printing services.

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