Before you Sail Away for Summer, Dive into your Supply Chain Technology

Is it in Ship-shape or is it a Shipwreck?

Scott Sheldon’s Engineers are going back to technology basics, keeping the customer in mind. The Leadership Team has laid out a critical four-step evaluation process for all businesses to use as a foundation for technology updates.  It is all about a renewed focus on the flagship service, technology alignment. 

“While we are currently focusing a little more heavily on technology, it is equally important for us to be able to satisfy our customers in all aspects of the business. Therefore, we are not losing focus in operations or strategy,”

                                         assured Scott Spyker, founder and CEO.

Scott Sheldon, LLC has provided world-class supply chain solutions, specializing in the integration of supply chain technologies and processes for global companies. They are a pioneer in Agile supply chain business and technology optimization methodologies that result in rapid ROI and lean operation results.

“It is always the opportune time for an update in technology. Most companies are not even aware they are in need, drastically flooding the hull of their business, the supply chain, with risk,” stated Mary Ellen Mattison, Director of Global Business Development.

Scott Sheldon will be writing small periodicals, listed below, investigating each of the four parts.

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Part I: Is Your Supply Chain Software Running Aground?

          How well do you know your software?

Part II: Navigating the Sea of Technology

          The importance of vendor selection and degree of implementation

Part III: Fly your Colours

          Personalize the software for your business? We can do that.

Part IV: Stay Afloat in Paradise

           Measure and Evaluate

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