Recognizing Outstanding Performance

Dear Scott,

On behalf of Rubbermaid Commercial Products, I would like to recognize the outstanding performance of Scott Sheldon, LLC on the recent design install of the PkMS interface supporting the HK automated storage and retrieval system at out Winchester, VA facility.

This upgrade replaced a 20-year old system of 10 manually-operated storage cranes with a new system of 28 automated storage cranes. This project was quite simply the most complex equipment retrofit ever undertaken by RCP Distribution. The pre-existing PkMS logic that supported the manual cranes would not work in the new automated environment. Further, control logic had to be developed to support the new automated cranes, as well as the points for pallet introduction to/removal from the crane system.

Your team worked with us and HK to develop the correct logic to assure fail-safe inventory accuracy, crane pick/put command accuracy, and operational efficiency. Thanks to the modular design of your logic enhancements, we were able to commission the new automated machines one-at-a-time and operate them in parallel with remaining existing manual equipment throughout the 6-month install. We maintained uninterrupted operations and the install was essentially transparent to our downstream internal customers. Simply put, your team performed exceptionally in delivering the project as planned.

I would be remiss to not mention how effectively you, JC Bhimireddy, and Adam Bowling worked with our group to guide is through logic concept and design, as well as start-up and training once the changes went into production. You all really helped us to develop the correct enhancements to support the new system while maintaining the necessary operational efficiencies, and made sure they worked well when installed.

The new automated equipment reduced many positions in our operation and thus carried a significant cultural and workforce moral impact. You all worked very well with us, particularly our Team Leaders and labor force, and essentially became part of our team. This really helped to smooth the emotions associated with such a big change. Department morale remains high, and everyone is very impressed with how well the system operates. Now that the project is complete, we are realizing the expected operational cost improvement, and the material flow within our facility is the best it’s ever been!

Again, I thank Scott Sheldon, LLC for a job well done!


John B. Elliott
Senior Distribution Engineer
Rubbermaid Commercial Products, LLC

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