“Identify and Reduce Waste”

Igloo said: Improve our production efficiency, and help reduce waste in the production process for a primary family of coolers.

The engineers at Scott Sheldon said: We can do that.

Project background

Igloo Products Corporation contracted with Scott Sheldon to identify and reduce waste: excess inventory, excess handling, underutilized resources, delayed visibility of quality issues.

The “Ah Ha” moment

The ah-ha moment came when we began looking at the annual cost and complexity of handling WIP: 950 miles of stretch wrap, and over 3000 miles of lift truck travel.

We knew we could do much better.

The Action

Scott Sheldon evaluated the current manufacturing process and facilitated a Kaizen Team, developed a Value Stream Map, conducted Takt Time studies for production resources, developed a connected cell layout for the components of Igloo’s highest volume product family, and entrenched a Visual Production environment
with Standard Work.

The team oversaw the transformation from batch & queue to a cellular production environment.


Breakthrough gains: variable costs reduced 17%, capacity increased 19%, WIP storage reduced 79%, finished goods storage reduced 50%, product travel reduced 94%… and stretch wrap: no longer required for WIP.

We get it.

“Scott Sheldon helped us identify tangible distribution cost savings and developed a detailed roadmap to achieve the results. With several projects now behind us, we’ve come to appreciate the ‘soft’ deliverables we get — integrity, trust and imagination — along with bottom line results.”

Vincent Rosales – Director of Distribution and Logistics, Igloo Products

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