Healthcare Supply Chain & Logistics

We know the industry. We know you’re different.

The healthcare industry is nearly 20 years behind other economies in supply chain innovations. Many of our white papers explore the current state in depth, but to paraphrase: the entire industry is heading down the first major drop on a roller coaster; healthcare providers are in the front car, with distributors falling next and ultimately manufacturers. Scott Sheldon draws a direct line from supply chain efficiency and financial performance to better patient outcomes and maintaining high-quality patient care standards. We’ve applied our 100-years of combined experience to create the best solutions specific to healthcare supply chains.

Healthcare Providers

In the past, healthcare providers have focused less on running a business and more on providing patient care. But times have changed, competition is stiffer, and finely tuned financial strategies are essential. At Scott Sheldon, we know that integrating business and technology is crucial. While you maintain your focus on high-quality standards for patient care, we can identify and implement provider solutions in the healthcare supply chain that directly contribute to your bottom line – and improving patient outcomes. That’s because savings in the supply chain will afford more time and money toward the practice of medicine.
Opportunity for 40% reduction in inventory

Healthcare Distributors

Distributors are being squeezed from all angles in the healthcare market. Will the traditional distributor model sustain a change of market dynamic? Or will they switch to a 3PL model? With the adoption of serialization, distributors will most definitely need to ensure visibility and reduction of touch points and optimize slotting, picking, and packing.
5x minimum ROI guaranteed

Healthcare Manufacturers

Manufacturers are facing the looming patent cliff and testing serialization to meet government mandates. Integrating supply chain evaluations into the earliest stages of development – including raw material origin and lean packaging initiatives – is key to saving costs now and as the branded market erodes. With frequent mergers and acquisitions and divestitures what will the market look like in four years? Will there be a few giants dominating, or will smaller companies develop and be able to compete?  Whatever the case, Scott Sheldon wants to help ensure your company has adapted and maintains profitability.
Opportunity to get ahead of the cliff