The Healthcare Roller Coaster Part 3

The Healthcare Roller Coaster  In part two of our white paper series on healthcare, we ended with a brief discussion about additive manufacturing and the enormous impact it’s going to have on the supply chain industry. Product packaging and the chemical supply chain for manufacturing drugs and medical devices are just two areas expected to undergo major change. Companies are always evolving and ch ...[Read More]

Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

United States’ High Costs vs. Free European Care Explained This seven-minute video, courtesy of a post on, simplifies a few very complex issues affecting the cost of Healthcare in the United States, compared to countries who receive free healthcare. It fully supports our main focus in the Healthcare Roller Coaster White Paper Series, that the providers are suffering, bringing do ...[Read More]

Major Healthcare Product Providers*

Customer said: Some of our distributors also carry their own private label products; that’s the nature of our business. However, we think there’s a way to work more effectively with one of our biggest distributors to compete with the smaller firms. Help us find those efficiencies and revenue opportunities. The engineers at Scott Sheldon said: We can do that. Project background: The project involve ...[Read More]

Global Healthcare 3PL Provider*

  Client said: There’s got to be more we can do to increase efficiency at one of our warehouses. Can you evaluate our operations there and help us find new ways to save time and money? The engineers at Scott Sheldon said: We can do that. Project background: We performed a supply chain tune up for the 3rd party logistics division of one of our major customers. The company is the nation’s leading di ...[Read More]

The Healthcare Roller Coaster Part 2

Providers, Distributors and Manufacturers Download Full Version  Let’s Begin Part Two of this Series by Looking into our Healthcare Crystal Ball at the Year 2034: • Patients can print their medications (and other consumables) on demand. They receive electronic “pills” from the manufacturer that contain patient-specific formulas, dosages and concentrations. • Generics are fondly remembered; a ...[Read More]

International Healthcare Distributor*

  Patent Expiration Demands Savings Client said: Our Kentucky distribution center needs help operating more efficiently. We’ve trimmed labor costs maximally but suffer from underutilized automation at that facility. Can you help us identify other ways to realize savings? The engineers at Scott Sheldon said: We can do that. Project background: We conducted this project for a healthcare customer wit ...[Read More]

The Healthcare Roller Coaster Part 1

White Paper: The Rise and Fall of Other Industries Foretells The Coming Transformation Download PDF  Executive Summary There’s no doubt that sweeping change in the healthcare industry is coming—and coming fast. It’s clearly visible to manufacturers, distributors, providers and consumers as well. From our supply chain industry vantage point, we have an objective and candid opinion as to why this ch ...[Read More]

Global Healthcare Company*

“Not Your Average Operation” Customer said: Help us help ourselves. We know there are operational efficiencies to be found but we just can’t spare the internal resources right now. The engineers at Scott Sheldon said: We can do that. Project Background: Our client is a global healthcare company that also serves as a major third-party logistics group within the healthcare industry ...[Read More]

Multinational Healthcare Company*

“Operation Clinical Trial” Customer said: Help our clinical trials operations management and employee teams assess their current operations to determine priority areas for improvement. The engineers at Scott Sheldon said: We can do that. Project Background: This U.S. multinational firm manufactures medical devices and pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods. They asked Scott Sheldon ...[Read More]

International Healthcare Company*

“Global Network Optimization” *Due to confidentiality, we do not disclose the names of healthcare companies Customer said:  Analyze our distribution network to determine the optimal number of and locations for our distribution centers in North America, EMEA, and APAC. The engineers at Scott Sheldon said:  We can do that. Project background Customer had many small distribution locations ...[Read More]