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Decisions about manufacturing supply chain management are classified in two broad categories—strategic and operational.

Strategic decisions are typically made and implemented over a longer time period. They are closely linked to corporate strategy and ultimately, guide supply chain policies from a design perspective.

On the other hand, operational decisions are short term and focus on activities on a day-to-day basis.  But, they both share a common goal: effectively and efficiently manage the product and information flow within the supply chain.

We have helped manufacturers with critical decisions in the four major areas of supply chain management:
1) location, 2) production, 3) inventory and 4) transportation (distribution).

Learn more about our successes:

  • Chamberlain – implemented a best of breed WMS across 8 North American sites in under 18 months
  • xpedx – We reduced distribution costs by 5% through global design recommendations of three facilities
  • Legrand – learn how we helped save over $800,000 on their WMS implementation

We know there is cost to cut out and ROI to be found in all these areas and deliver proven solutions that are both strategic and operational.

We get it.