“We believe that our extensive experience optimizing complex supply chain operations, combined with QAD’s ERP and demand planning technologies, will be a tremendous benefit to our customers.”

—Scott Spyker, Founder and CEO

Demand Management Overview

In order to run a successful operation you need a solid Demand Management strategy. Everything begins and ends with your customer. True. But the Prime Meridian in your supply chain exists at the Production and Demand Planning stages. Ensuring that this portion of your operation remains in tip top shape is crucial. Nothing disrupts the flow in the supply chain more than miscommunication. The left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing, and vice versa. Minimize the potential for damage to your chain early by getting a grip on perhaps the most crucial and consequential link in the chain, Demand Management.

The Pain Point

The Demand Planning alone can elicit dread among the most seasoned professionals. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which may be the nature of the Demand Planning itself. Most organization’s feel happy with the Logistics and the Manufacturing and Distribution arms of their operation. Maybe they’re just easier to quantify with the right operational metrics. They certainly have the benefit of time behind them in that systems have been established over time to easily measure a company’s bottom line against these areas of their business. Despite the seemingly limitless potential to find new efficiencies in the chain, overall performance is still inconsistent and remains pain in your ability to manage your supply chain.

Our Solution

Beyond the plateau

Demand and Inventory Planning is still widely misunderstood. The fact that all too often Junior consultants have been entrusted with moving the ball forward hasn’t helped. Scott Sheldon’s Supply Chain Engineers manage things differently. Our team of experts understand that the ever shifting demands of the global economy has evolved from the specific functions of manufacturing, procurement, and logistics to a more holistic approach known as Demand Management.

Processes may have improved with global markets over the years, but the numbers still reflect the same glaring inefficiencies. In fact, one could argue, it’s precisely the availability  of so many new technologies that’ve helped uncover the weakest links in supply chain. Despite all the advancements, your operations have plateaued. The sooner you identify the weaknesses in your supply chain, the sooner you’ll be on the road to efficient operations.

Everything is cyclical, and the potential for a log jam in the system is high. It can strike at any time, and originate from anywhere within your supply chain. Having a well executed Demand Management strategy is foundational to your company’s long term growth. With the help of a Scott Sheldon’s Supply Chain Engineers, you can begin to see beyond the plateau.

The Benefits

Predict future product patterns with:

  • Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Text mining
  • Collaborative workflows

Optimize your Supply Chain

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Demand Planning is the Prime Meridian of Supply Chain


How Demand Management fits into your Supply Chain Loop

Demand Planning, Demand Management, Strategic Planning, Network Optimization – in the world of Supply Chain Management, it’s the natural order of things. Any weak links will throw it off and disturb the flow. In order to ensure a free flow of materials from Sourcing to Logistics to Fulfillment, Scott Sheldon, LLC has instituted an Operations Optimization approach to Demand Management.