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At Scott Sheldon, we make our customers’ bottom line our priority. Our proactive approach to supply chain management gives our customers a competitive boost in their industry. With a minimum guarantee of 5x the ROI, our customers—from healthcare logistics to industrial distribution to retail and CPG technology and many other combinations of industry and need—enjoy peace of mind and sweet savings.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

We understand your inventory, reduction in margins and surgery tracking needs and can draw a direct line from supply chain solutions to improving patient outcomes.

Healthcare Distributors

Healthcare Distributors

We realize that you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Distributors are being squished from both providers and manufacturers to find savings. We’re here to help innovate your role and to help you realize your own savings in the supply chain.

Healthcare Manufacturers

Healthcare Manufacturers

Manufacturers need HUGE savings in order to implement a supply chain initiative. We’ve got your operations efficiencies and even clinical trial logistics solutions ready and waiting. Healthcare logistics are our specialty.

Retail & CPG Inbound

Inbound Retail & CPG

You need full visibility across the supplier-facing side so that you can get your product out the door faster. We’ve got inventory management solutions and operations solutions that increase visibility but fit your specific needs.

Retail & CPG Outbound

Outbound Retail & CPG

Is your industrial distribution strategy as lean as it could be? We can turn your chaotic network into a controlled and identifiable system. We can even guide you through a full-service WMS or TMS selection, from evaluation to implementation.

Retail & CPG Operations

Retail & CPG Operations

We can find operational efficiencies in any supply chain. Our inventory analysis and warehouse optimization services range from strategic to tactical. Need help selecting an ERP, WMS or TMS package? We’ve got that too.

Manufacturing Inbound

Inbound Manufacturing

Need to track your supplier facing shipments so that you can get the materials into your inventory and out the door faster? At Scott Sheldon, we understand the demand for dashboards, real-time information, and lean systems.

Manufacturing Outbound

Manufacturing Outbound

Priorities lie in reducing transportation and other costs, improving customer satisfaction and improving efficiencies all the while, maintaining high productivity. The distribution network needs to be as lean as possible but still deliver quick-time results. We get it.

Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Operations

Pressure to improve hours and reduce physical inventory is high.  Getting the product off the line, into storage, then picked and distributed efficiently and effectively is the core of our inventory analysis solution.

Other Industries

We serve many other industries as well; if you feel that yours may have specialized needs, we can work with you too. Give us a call so we can better understand your needs; our solutions are agile and not cookie-cutter to a certain industry.